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Creative portraits, advertising and promotions

An award-winning artist-photographer, Jeanne McRight makes sure your commercial photography needs are met to the highest standards. From head shots to events, products to promotions, your photos are created to have maximum impact.

• Affordable events

Something special coming up? You get superior service with your fully customized event photography package from Pix. Best of all, it comes with all the bells and whistles at highly affordable rates.

• Insightful editorials

Want attention? Jeanne specializes in compelling editorial photography - lifestyle and workplace images created to tell a story. Insight, technical expertise and innovative design are built into every Pix image. You get that "wow" factor you've been wanting.

What my clients say...

"Thanks very much Jeanne, I’m delighted with the photos which should help as I launch my HR consulting practice. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs a great photographer. I’ve attached a copy of my latest biography so you can see how it will be used. Feel free to use this as a sample so people can see how effective a good portrait is." - Frank Newman, B.A., C.H.R.L., Chief Human Resources Environmentalist, Newman Human Resources Consulting 

"If you need a headshot done, contact Jeanne. You will be in good hands from start to finish. Her talent, professionalism, and warmth will ensure that you have a great experience and a product you can be proud of." - Susan Fyshe, Nutritionist/Dietitian and Educator

"I found Jeanne to be not only a positive and engaging artist to work with, but also a wonderfully creative, and talented photographer as well. I enjoyed exploring many different arrangements together, since she was always aware of her client's needs, while ensuring the artistic integrity of the images. I would promote her any day!"- Chandel Gambles, Re-order Office Coordinator at Opera Lyra Ottawa

"Working with Jeannie has been an absolute pleasure. Jeannie has taken my ideas that I had floating in my head and brought them to a whole new level. She knew exactly the look I was trying to go for and made it happen. I look forward to working with Jeannie in the future. Any one who uses her services will never be disappointed." -  Heather Leavens , owner HFL - Home. Fashion. Lifestyle

"Just had my headshots done by Jeanne. She was very professional but made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an experienced photographer who knows exactly what she's doing! "  - Martin Kelly

"Jeanne takes outstanding photographs of my ceramic work, as well as headshots and other promotional images. Many of these images have been published, receiving well-deserved praise. She also designs my posters, mailers, and business cards. She's fun to work with, highly creative, clearly communicates ideas, smart, efficient, and knows her stuff inside and out. Highly recommended!" - Wayne Cardinalli, Ceramist and Owner of Wayne Cardinalli Pottery

"I've worked with Jeanne on a number of complicated projects on which she was the lead artist and found her to be a real pleasure to work with. She pays great attention to detail, her work is carried out with great artistry and it is very well managed. What more can you ask?"- Bill Kimball, Artistic Producer, Public Energy

Meet Jeanne...

My views of the universe always seems to be clearer when I step through my own special looking glass - my camera.

I'm a professional photographer and artist located in Mississauga, Ontario and provide photographic services for the Toronto area. I was eight when I got my first camera, and although I have a university fine arts degree, I learned the ins and outs of photography through many years of practical experience. I've had gallery exhibitions across North America and been honored with more than thirty visual arts grants and awards.

But the best photography isn't all about technical expertise. I'm an idea person and my client's vision is important to me. All my work is customized with great care to meet your goals. From the first consultation to the final images it's an enjoyable process for everyone.

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