Getting Ready for Your Headshot Session

Here are a few tips and suggestions that may be helpful. Before your photo session, I offer free consultations  where we can discuss your unique requirements.

How to look your best in front of a camera

1.  Bring two or three different outfits in a style appropriate for your business. Dress as you would for meeting with an important client.

2.  Avoid bold colours, patterns, and other distracting elements in your clothing and accessories, unless this is part of your image brand.

3.  Avoid logos except those you want for your business image.

4.  Please arrive with hair, makeup, and nail styling freshly done if you are doing it yourself. 

5.  Men should shave about an hour before your appointment.

6. Please clean your glasses.

7.  You are welcome to bring your grooming supplies for touchups. Have chapped lips? Use lip balm the day before. Tired eyes? Eye drops help!

8.  A manicure and professional hair and make-up styling is optional but recommended. You may choose to hire your own hair and make-up person to attend to you during the photo session.

9.  Feel free to bring your own favorite music - it's fun and can help you relax.

Have a question? Don't hesitate to ask.

Email me or give me a call if you need more information.

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