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Jeanne McRight

Pix Photography


How to download your images from my Pix Photography website:

To access your images:

Log in same as before, and you will see three galleries: proofs, lo-res (finals), and hi-res (finals). The proofs are there if you decide later you would like other images too. The lo-res are for web use and can be scaled down further if you wish. The hi-res are for print media (high enough for sizes up to big posters and signs).

For your digital downloads there are three steps:

1. Click on the "Buy>Photos from this Gallery" button at upper right of window:

2.You'll get a screen with image thumbnails and an order form with orange flowers. Click on all of the images you wish to download (in the example below, there were 6 photos selected). On the order form, click "Change Product" and select Single Photo Download (Original). Then click “Add Photos to Cart”.

3. My web host charges a nickel for each file downloaded:(  Please let me know how much you spent - I'm happy to refund this.

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