Advertising & Product Photos With Appeal

My commercial photographs are created to meet  your business needs from A to Z. You get fresh images with a clear message, strong branding support and target audience appeal.

Want attention?

How can high quality professional photos help my business?

Insight, technical expertise and innovative design are built into every Pix image. You get that “wow” factor you’ve been wanting.

Can all aspects of my business be shown to advantage?

Your business promotion package is fully customized and can cover all aspects of your business. Top-level pro equipment ensures images of superior quality that reflect your own highest standards.

Are you able to cover a wide range of situations and subjects?

Yes, I am versatile, resourceful and informed by over 35 years of experience.

Do you have areas in which you are known to excel?

I specialize in creative image concepts that support your brand.

"Jeannie takes outstanding photographs of my ceramic work, as well as headshots and other promotional images. Many of these images have been published, with the photos receiving well-deserved praise. She's fun to work with, highly creative, clearly communicates ideas, smart, efficient, and knows her stuff inside and out. Highly recommended!" - Wayne Cardinalli, professional potter at Wayne Cardinalli Pottery

Deadlines coming up?

For fast action, we can discuss your needs directly. I work quickly and efficiently to help you get the job done on time.

Leave me a message - I'll get right back to you.

In a hurry?

Call or email me today:

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