Getting Ready Tips

Photo sessions are fun!

Many people are surprised by how much fun the photo session turns out to be! If you feel relaxed during the photo shoot, you'll look relaxed in the picture. Here are some suggestions for capturing the real you.

What to Bring:

My studio offers a warm and friendly environment. We also can use a location of your choice, either indoors or outdoors.

Plan to wear clothes that make you feel good. For a casual look consider jeans, khakis, dark T-shirts, long sleeves, open collar or turtlenecks for either men or women. For a dressier look try an elegant suit, cocktail dress or club-style outfit for women and a sports jacket or business suit for men. No logos, and avoid all-white outfits or busy prints. Couples and family groups can coordinate colours, and styles for an ensemble look if you wish, since this can be quite striking.
Note: For an additional fee, I can arrange for a fashion stylist consultation prior to the photo session.

Hair style and make-up should appear natural and suit the mood of the portrait. For women, lipstick is recommended and a light matte face powder is often helpful. I provide a make-up mirror and table; you are welcome to bring your own preferred products or a make-up/hair person. 
Note: For an additional fee I can arrange for a hair stylist and/or make-up artist to be present at the session.

Children often are at their natural best wearing comfortable play clothes, but if they love to dress up and have a special outfit they like to wear, bring it! A special toy is welcome too.

I encourage you to bring a CD of your favourite music to the session, or to request a specific style of music.

If you have pictures of yourself that you like (or that you don't), bring them along. If you see a picture of someone else that strikes you, show it to me. Your photo should reflect the way you feel about yourself and life. Are you fun-loving and wacky, or are you focused and intense? Let's capture that!
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